Babylon 5

Babylon 5 has got to be one of the first sci-fi shows that really grabbed me. I must have been a small boy when it was on, but I still remember my big brothers being blown away by it. And look, at that time it really was amazing CGI, combined with masterful storytelling and a compelling crew of actors, makeup artists, and visionaries at large. There were few episodes which were negligible. The one thing which I sort of lament is that the finale wasn’t quite the finale. As far as I am concerned, that show should have ended with the end of the 4th season, when humanity is shown 100, 500, 1000, and 1000000 years into the future, eventually leaving Earth as the Sun goes nova. What an ending, and what a fitting exploration of the unknowable and long-lasting effects of a seemingly negligent. It just goes to show you never know what kind of impact you are going to have on those around you. It is amazing to think that such a space station would have had that kind of an influence on humanity and on earth’s inhabitants.

The show explored so many themes, and it was afraid of tackling some really heavy issues back in the 90s. Well, hey, in the 90s you could do all kinds of stuff, right? It was a simpler time. Truly, it was.

So, back to sci-fi. I am not that big on Star Trek, though I certainly enjoyed watch The Next Generation. To me, it was a highly captivating and entertaining series, and I always had time to watch it. That is, I made the time. Even if I supposed to, just kind of, be doing homework. As you can tell, my homework was probably the least of my concerns, what with a character like Q running everything behind the scenes of our universe. There were some good times aboard that spaceship, but every-wards I tuned out. I was on to bigger and better things, so to speak, and Star Trek never commanded my attention in the same way that Star Wars did.

And now, back to Babylon. It used to be a place to chill out in. I would watch it on Saturday nights, and it would be one perfect way to carry on into Sunday. The reasons I loved were never quite clear to me, but as I grew older I realized what the show was trying to say, and it was amazing to re-watch as an adult.

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