How To Stay Calm When Life Gets Tough

In today’s societies, people are generally neurotic in the sense that they are disconnected from their true feelings/desires. As a result, many people are unable to move forward when the going gets rough. To move past this and get in control of their life, it is necessary to become aware of one’s true feelings. Likewise, it is imperative to learn to embrace solitude and introspection in the hopes of avoiding falling into this menacing trap. That’s why I recommend finding the time and places throughout your life which are conducive to thought, so that you may learn your insecurities, fears, and shortcomings. Twentieth-Century poet, Rainer Rilke, famously instructed a young poet searching for meaning to “Love your solitude and try to sing out with the pain it causes you.” It’s unimaginably crucial living with this universal advice and to recognize that nearly everything that is significant is difficult, and nearly everything that is difficult is profound. By staying aware of these truths, one will be able to embrace the chaos, live through it, and emerge a more perfect human being. But how do you really keep your cool when life gets in the way? One way that I have tried to keep my cool is through violence. It all started one night as I left a bar through the backdoor and found myself staring out into the abyss. I saw a man in the distance and he saw me too.

He said, “let’s fight.” I beat him up and he beat me up, but in a strange way it felt beautiful. Afterwards we decided to continue a tradition of sorts. This was for all the people who felt tied down by work and their lives and were looking to release some of their intense rage. More people started to join my cause and it spiraled into something more. I opened up the bottom floor of my apartment building and people from all walks of life would come to fight. I told them there was only one rule: to never discuss our club. Eventually, my partner in the business started to take the club to uncomfortable extremes. He was using those in the club to commit horrible crimes and I could no longer just stand by and watch. I needed to track down my partner and put a stop to his plans. However, he was nowhere to be found. Eventually, as I followed clues left behind, I kept experience strange phenomena. The lackeys of my partner were planning to blow up several large buildings in the city to incite chaos in the streets. After a long search, I found him alone in an abandoned building with the detonator. We fought and struggled, but in the end it was no use. I yelled at him, but out of nowhere he vanished. He vanished because he never existed. A figment of my imagination. Suddenly I was holding the trigger and I pulled it. A new world was dawning and I was the start of a new club. This was a great way to deal with my emotions.

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