Social media allows everyone to share whatever is on their mind. Sometimes that leads to oversharing. When Facebook first started out, I was always very turned off by all my facebook friends statuses. Remember when people would write when they were eating cereal. I was definitely on the border of being one of those people. But I never gave a play by play of my life. I would say when I was sick, but that’s probably the worst of it.

Now, you wouldn’t be able to tell I’m ever on Facebook based on my profile or your feed. I maybe, occasionally post a photo and try to have an updated profile picture and cover photo, but I really hate sharing my life with a bunch of strangers. All my facebook friends are way too many people that I don’t speak to.

There are still people today that clearly overshare. I don’t like how people share what they are doing or how they spend their day. I hate when people post photos of their children with a conversation they had with them this morning, like it’s just too much. Stop trying to make the world jealous. It’s not going to happen. When people feel the need to overshare, I honestly feel bad for them. Why do they want the world to see all these pictures? What are they lacking from their own life that they need other people to be thinking about them?

That’s seriously where my mind goes. When people add an album on Facebook, it goes beyond sharing. They want you to be jealous. They want to show you something that doesn’t really exists. I do add pictures to Instagram, but very rarely. It’s usually just one cure family photo. Sure I love to get the likes, but I’m adding it because I like the picture and want to show everyone because I like the picture. When you take it beyond one or two pictures, you want to show everyone all these pictures.

Let’s think about a time before people shared photos on the internet. You have a fri end come over to your house and you immediately take out a photo album that’s sitting on the shelf to show it to them. Now imagine doing that five hundred or more times. Are you that close with all your Facebook friends that you would have them over and show them pictures? No, you wouldn’t. So stop pretending you are. Stop making people feel like they are close to you because they commented on the picture of your daughter. Stop sharing because this world is too full over oversharers. What even is privacy anymore? The whole idea is a hidden concept.

People share everything and then when they stop sharing, it makes everyone wonder why all of a sudden they stopped sharing. You don’t have a fanbase, you are a regular person. You don’t need to work on your engagement rate because you aren’t making any money from posing. Stop pretending people care because let me tell you, they don’t.

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