My Relationship Coach

Was he ever going to call, like seriously, why did he always make me wait so long. Next time he calls I am
going to tell him I am washing my hair this evening – haha! With my Tea Tree oil Shampoo to be specific!
I mean seriously to keep a girl waiting like he does – its kind of criminal. I can’t bear it when guys know
you like them so they just take their time because they know you will wait. Well not this time. Not
anymore. That girl has got to change.

I have had a history of dating pretty much the same guy over and over and every-time I think I have met
the right one I realize I have just fooled myself into the same old! So, I decided I was going to see a
relationship coach and find out just what I was doing wrong.
I found a great one. She worked out of her home in the center of London. It was a little trek to get to her
but it made all the difference and wow did she get me down to a T!

WoW did she pull me a part but in a healthy way, she got me to see so many links that were so painful
and I scratched my head through a lot of it thinking why do I do this over and over again. A lot of it
comes down too and came to fears, fear of rejection which lent its ear to abandonment issues.

I was like seriously doc – well she wasn’t a doc but you know what I mean, I said don’t tell me it all goes
back to mother/father/family stuff and she pretty much said yes. It was so interesting. She said many of
us have fear of abandonment issues and rejection issues in the name of love and survival. She said a lot
of it was about fitting in with our tribe also in the name of love and survival but a lot of our partners we
attract are related to unresolved issues within ourselves, just where we have gone and abandoned
ourselves. To go even deeper, we have all heard of such a thing as a “Daddy Issue” – and both Men and
Women suffer with this. Actually, it also works the other way round, not that we fear the abandonment
of our fathers (in which we do suffer to some degree) but also where we have abandoned them. That is
not usually the aspect that is looked at when it comes to “Daddy issues” or “Mummy issues”, you would
be surprised just how much the other has experienced the same. A lot of the time we are projecting our abandonment and rejection issues on to each-other and that first comes up in the 1 st degree which is the family and then on to the 2 nd degree which is school (the outer world) and so forth.

Even people with the most perfect parental relationships still experience approval issues of their parents and this goes all the way through the generations and this again has to do with abandonment and rejection fears and issues, wanting to be loved/accepted and again it relates to survival and love simultaneously.

This lady was blowing my mind, I loved going to see her, whether it was about love or other-wise,
although since I have been going to see her, I have changed the way I see my relationships now and I am
much more cautious on who I choose to go near. We are working on something more stable now as that
is what I am really asking in our sessions. Wanting to attract stability within another and in another
relationship, first comes with the stability in myself and that’s what we are working on and heading too.
Its magnificent. Oh the sweet glory of love, both within and without, with external relationships and the
ones that we have with ourselves. Its all pretty magical really!

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