What type of milk should I drink?

The most popular types of milk are as follows: Whole Milk: Generally sold at 3.5% fat, whole milk is as close to unprocessed as milk gets, though it is still processed. It contains a higher percentage of fat per cup than any other kind of milk, and due to its less-processed nature is higher in proteins, calcium and Vitamin-D than other kinds of milk. It also boasts a richer, more dairy-like taste than other kinds of milk. Reduced- or Low-Fat Milk: Milk that is sold with 1% or 2% fat is known is reduced or fat-free milk. It is processed at a higher rate in order to reduce fat and calories, but otherwise is fairly close to whole milk in terms of taste and composition.

Fat-Free or Skim Milk: Milk that contains no more than 0.2% fat is known as fat-free milk, or skim milk. This is most popular among consumers who want a dairy milk with as little fat as possible. Soy Milk: Made from soy as opposed to dairy milk, soy milk is a favorite alternative of people who are dairy-free or dairy-intolerant. It tastes different than dairy milk and usually features added suga for taste, though unsweetened soy milk is easily found.

Rice Milk: Like soy milk, rice milk is by and large viewed as an alternative to dairy milk. However, it is higher in calories than other dairy-alternatives as it boasts more natural sugar than a typical non-dairy milk would. Rice milk is an excellent option for those with soy and dairy intolerance, as well as those who prefer a sweeter taste. Almond Milk: Almond milk is dairy free, cholesterol free, lactose free and one of the more popular milks one could find. It can be found sweetened or unsweetened, as well as in a variety of different flavors. No type of milk is “better” than another.

Not by a long shot. Humanity is such that every person has unique needs and preferences which manifest themselves in their choices of milk. In order to determine which kind of milk is “best” for you, you need to understand what it is that your body can tolerate and not tolerate. If too much dairy isn’t a good thing for your body, you may be looking at a 1% or fat-free milk. If any dairy makes you feel unwell, you’ll have to look into dairy-free milks. From either of those points, you’re then going to want to find the milk that tastes best to you. So try all of the milks that you can find, and you’ll soon have your “perfect” milk. There are so many milks out there to try, with new options constantly being released. If you don’t like cows milk, you can try anything from soy, almond, coconut, and many more alternatives in between. There’s really no excuse for drinking your coffee black these days.

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