Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is not only great for blondes. They do great work for brunettes and maybe even red heads too. Red heads? This makes me wonder if one of the Weasley’s ever used one of these shampoos. This is a story that simulates that.
Rhonda Weasley was cousins with the Weasley’s from the “ Harry Potter” books. Her dad Harold Weasley was brothers with the Weasley’s dad. They lived not even close to the burrow. They lived honestly near Heathrow Airport in a little town called Midfield. Nobody even realized they were wizards. Rhonda though, despite being a witch had some serious brassy hair after she had used that hair dye potion that one of her professor’s had given her. It was one of the greatest potions, she thought much better than any of those other potions. She didn’t know what to do. “ No magic in the world can cure this” she was told by her parents. “ You need to buy purple shampoo.” “ Can I buy purple shampoo in you know that place where we buy wizard stuff.” “ I think you might have to go to a muggle store to buy purple shampoo” Rhonda’s dad said. “ You can apparate there with flu powder though.” “ Okay” said Rhonda. “ That’s brilliant to get purple shampoo.” “ Rite Aid 185th and St. Nicholas” she said into the chimney. All of a sudden Rhonda in the back of some apartment building. She noticed a lot of Spanish people look at her weirdely she just ran out of there to get her purple shampoo though. She went into Rite Aid. She had some American money which her dad, who like her brother was really into muggle stuff, so she didn’t have to pay in nuts for the purple shampoo like they bought wands and other wizard what not. “ Ello” she said. “ I’d like some purple shampoo.” “ No problem” he said. She bought it with her USA money she had. She didn’t want to get in trouble going back though. She remembered she had some relatives in New England though that she could go back with to apparate back with her purple shampoo to her London home and use this purple shampoo most effectively.quidditch

Along story short Rhonda ended up back home with purple shampoo. That night she applied it to her. After three days this natural purple shampoo formula worked so well. Her blonde hair dye now would not fade away and she could still be the coolest girl on the Quidditch field. Her purple shampoo helped give her confidence that she could catch the golden snitch like nobody’s business. When it time came for school to start again Rhonda took the purple shampoo and put it in her trunk. “ It’s going to be a pretty crazy year” she thought to herself. As they arrived at Kings Cross she said goodbye to her father ecstatic that her brassy hair was a thing of the past thanks to her purple shampoo.

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