Conditioners Are Not Just For Women

Sam was wondering if it made sense for him to buy conditioner for his hair. There were a lot of reasons why he felt this would not be a good idea at all. There were also a lot of reasons why he felt this would be the best idea ever. There were other reasons why he was completely for getting conditioner. Check out for great info on hair care and products.apply-conditioner-to-your-hair-step-17

Conditioner I was once told is for women. Yet I was also told that it is necessary for men especially if they have more oily hair. The oiliness of your hair, they told me can be only most properly absorbed by not only a great shampoo. It needs to be absorbed by a great shampoo mixed together with a great conditioner. This is the only way it is possible. Sam was like me and he saw both the good and the bad from the two basic opinions that I listed above. You see Sam was a pretty rationalist guy he tended to not be to biased and always went with the facts over what people were telling him. He was more into doing things because they were right and not to do what is easy to paraphrase asian-frizzy-hairDumbledore from the Harry Potter series. These were the main pros and cons that Sam had thought about when he was making the decision to start using conditioner when he started to get nervous that his hair would get way to oily for him and he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it at all. Very troubling. Honestly though it probably wasn’t such a big decision. Sam just wanted to keep his hair in good shape. He went to a friend of his and the friend gave him the following advice. “ Sam what does it hurt to use a little conditioner. I mean if anything happens also you can always find something to help treat that no.” He then proceeded to Google results for bad results from the conditioner Sam wanted to buy and a list of a few products came up. “ I saw these at the CVS” said the friend. “ You should be fine. According to this website there are plenty of ways to deal with any bad results from conditioner. Everything will be all right” he said. So Sam decided. “ Okay I will try it out.” That night, after doing some serious research, Sam stopped at the Rite Aid to buy some conditioner on the way back from his high school soccer practice. Finding the conditioner he wanted Sam bought it with glee. He then returned home. Shortly after getting home he took a shower where he applied the conditioner, with shampoo together, for the first time. Sam woke up the next morning and his hair looked at felt great. “ Wow” he thought to himself. “ That conditioner really wasn’t so terrible in the end at all by the way.” Sam was so relieved. So much so that he even recommended to his friends that were hesitant about conditioner to try some too.

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