The Glock 17

Once upon a time there was a man named Leonard Jackson. Leonard lived in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York City. Harlem. One day he decided that he needed to protect him and his family from the dangers of the neighborhood. So he decided he was going to buy a glock 17.
Now Leonard was a fairly non violent person. Honestly he only felt like he needed to get a glock 17 to protect himself from the dangers of the neighborhood. Over the past several years there had been several break ins and attacks on the neighborhood and he needed to protect his five children and his wonderful wife from all of the dangers he had been faced with in his neighborhood. He hated violence and always told his kids that violence wasn’t the answer. He did remind them though that it is important to defend themselves against the evils of the world. It is an unfortunate reality yet it needs to be done. One Sunday morning Leonard decided it was time to go and buy his glock17. He got in his car and turned it on. He began to drive the best gun store Protectin Yo’Self that was 45 minutes away from his house by car. So he drove listening closely to the radio to make sure that he was aware of all of the dangers around him. This was after all the whole reason why he was getting this glock 17 in the first place. Forty- five minutes later Leonard saw the sign for the Protectin Yo’Self store. He walked into the store and a man with a camouflage shirt with greglock-17-mos-4-600x381y hair was sitting at the front counter. “ Can I help you?” he asked. “ Yes” answered Leonard. “ I would like to buy a glock 17 firearm.” “ Yes” answered the cashier. “ I believe we have it in the back here.” The cashier went to the back room of the office. Five minutes passed and the cashier came back with a glock 17. “ Here you go” he said. The glock 17 came in a locked up box. Leonard took that locked up box with the firearm and brought it back to his car. Leonard then drove the forty-five minutes back to his home. He got back in a little less time actually only 35 minutes.

When Leonard returned home he found his home empty. He then saw his wife had sent him a Whatsapp voice note message. The voice note message said that she went with the kids to go buy them sneakers. He decided this would be the perfect opportunity to hide the glock 17 and put somewhere secure in their 4 bed room apartment. The best place he figured would be a good spot for his glock 17 to go was the closet in his and his wife’s room. His kids were absolutely forbidden from entering their parents room. To be extra careful though he took the glock 17 and locked it in the box with the safety on on the top shelf of their closet.

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