Choosing the right gun

Alan T. Peterson needed a gun. This was not something that would be easy for him to tell most of his college buddies yet it was crucial that he did it now.

aid167871-728px-choose-the-right-pistol-handgun-step-8-version-2You see when Alan was in college he was very much against guns. He was an undergraduate student during the Virginia Tech shooting in his senior year of college. In fact, he was a studena7b39d9242df0b2b985b5fd278557acat at Virginia Tech. After that Alan became a big advocate for stricter gun laws. He wanted to make sure that everyone around him new that guns were not just a privilege. A gun is a responsibility. People need to make sure they use it well. Alan got married three weeks after graduating Virginia Tech. He had a masters in teaching and her in Marketing. Directly prior to graduation Alan decided to apply for jobs and he was offered one teaching at an inner city high school in Harlem. Without really going into detail the school told him it was basically a trial run. So he had to tell his future wife that they would move to Harlem. After two weeks there Alan decided he liked the school and loved that he was making a difference in the lives of these kids, many whom came from broken home, at the same he did not want his wife and two kids to feel threatened. He figured getting a gun would be a good way to protect them all. So Alan, at this moment, decided he was going to get a gun to protect them all. It seemed like a last resort for him yet he figured he needed that gun to help the greater community and more importantly his family. So Alan went to the gun store and got one of the best guns out there (check out Gunivore for all the gun reviews you need). He was going to use it to defend his family and protect them from any dangers they may face. So he went to the gun store and bought a gun for himself to protect all of those peoples. He made sure the safety was locked and drove on his way home. Upon arriving home Alan went up to the  attic and made sure to hide his gun in an area where his children wouldn’t be able to get to. He put the gun on the top shelf of an old bookshelf located there he made sure it was in a box with a cover over top. He then decided to put the gun in a safe which he only knew the code too and that is exactly what he did. His wife or kids weren’t home so he figured he would hide it from everyone. He did put the safe in an easy to access area so he could shoot, and even shoot from the top of the roof if need be. He doubted he ever would though. His wife then did not usually want him to have this gun as I explained earlier. Yet as we said Alan felt like it would protect them

The end!

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